Tiny Tina

Rock & Blues

  • “People think my life has been tough, but I think has been a wonderful journey.  The older you get, the more you realise it’s not what happens, but how you deal with it”

    Tina Turner

  • “Sometimes, I feel I am really blessed to be blind because I probably would not last a minute if I were able to see things”

    Stevie Wonder

  • “Music should be made to make people forget their problems, if only for a short time”

     Chuck Berry


About Me

I am a Rock, Blues and Soul singer based near London, England.  I Specialise in recreating classics from some of the greats, such as Tina Turner and many popular Jazz, Soul, Rock & Blues artists of the 20th century, along with my high energy band.  I perform at festivals, shows, charity venues and some carefully selected clubs & Bars



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